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Our exciting tour”Dive with ama diver”upgraded!

In this new version of this diving tour with Ama diver, a local boat takes you to the ocean and you can dive from the boat. Before this version, we swam from the beach and dive.
In this area, ama divers usually work with a boat. So, you can see Ama’s diving as their actual work!

We introduce the new tour.
First,the guest changes to a wet suit at local workshop space.
Next,go to the diving point in the ocean by boat,then dive to deep beautiful world with ama diver! Almost 1 and half hours.

At the end of May, a couple from Singapore enjoyed this plan. We had great feedback.

They said “Excellent. It was fun to have a chance to listen directly to the story by Ama diver. She is so heartwarming.” One of them has been learning Japanese and knew about the existence of traditional local Ama diver.